How to write compelling autoresponder messages that recipients will love to read

Written By: Chad Cook

An autoresponder can send emails but the essence is that those emails get read and acted upon by the recipients. There is less benefit to a business if emails that get sent at the cost of bandwidth, just get deleted because they fail to convey the essential information the receiver needs.

We take a look at the factors that will create a conducive atmosphere for a message in an autoresponder email to be read. I mean the kind of stuff that will make an Eskimo order air conditioners.

Let the entire text of the autoresponder email flow like a story. Be sequential. For example, start talking about difficulties people face before you suggest a solution. If you are marketing twin-blade razors for example, you will have to talk about the ineffectiveness of single blade razors first before you talk about the effectiveness of twin models. This way, you are presenting the issue logically to the reader and before he gets to your main message, he understands the limitation of a certain situation and the need to improve it.

Killer headline:
According to research, every web visitor takes 5 seconds to decide whether a material is of value to him. Normally, the headline tells it all. If you are unable to attract a reader through your headline in an autoresponder, it will be difficult or almost impossible to convince him later in the body. The headline should be compelling enough for the reader to want to read on. If you are selling lawn mowers to an affluent neighborhood, you may have it wrong if you wrote

‘Buy cheap lawn mowers and make great savings’

The affluent does not need to save. It is the middle and lower class that needs savings most. Top class neighborhoods are rich. It is not cost- effectiveness they want. They want something luxurious, durable or exquisite.

The following headline can serve your business better:

‘Triple-power, dual-purpose, exquisite, sleek mowers for the busy executive.’

Make the message personal:
People dont want to be treated generally or as part of a group. They want individual attention. People will buy products if they are convinced that it had been purposely made for them. They will also effective read your autoresponder message if it is addressed to them personally. It is therefore important to use the second person singular (You) in all cases to emphasis individuality. Who will be happy or convinced to read a message on a personal product that has been addressed to thousands of people?

In this regard. it is advisable to use an autoresponder that has advanced features to incorporate peoples names and other non-sensitive personal details in their messages such as the type featured at http://www.aceresponse.com/

Introduce the message well:
In the opening, tell the reader what the autoresponder mail is about and why he is receiving it. Many people forget they ever subscribed to an offer. If you do not make this point, the letter may be treated as spam and discarded. So at this point, it is essential that you introduce the subject. If it is a product, begin creating interest about the features, advantages compared to others, etc. Never mention price here because a product must sell for what its worth. If the reader has not formed an opinion about the real value of the product, how do you expect him to be in the mood to pay for it?

Move the reader to action:
After all the convincing, you need the reader to take action on your autoresponder email. At the end of the message, help the reader to buy the product or request for the service. At this point you may talk about the price, the security of the website and other relevant points. The essence is that you are making it easy for him to make a purchase.

An autoresponder can boost your sale with the appropriate message. If you craft the message well, sales will never stop coming in. We have given you the basics of every auto autoresponder message. Remember, good messages need to go with a good autoresponder for this we recommend http://www.aceresponse.com/

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