How Web Conferencing Provides Educational Opportunities

Written By: John Simpson

Many colleges have been expanding their curriculums over the last decade to include online classes and web conferences have played a significant role.

A feature that only requires an Internet connection to access, a web conference allows instructors to interact with their students by lecture, discussion or question and answer. Whiteboards can be employed through web conferencing, as can slideshows, allowing the instructor to demonstrate examples or share graphics that illustrate their point.

While many online classes also utilize web pages, message boards and emails, the web conference allows for a lecture period and if a student is ‘absent,’ they can replay the lesson.

Also, with web conferences, lectures can be ‘recorded’ and attached on the syllabus page for viewing as the students achieve that part of the semester. This not only allows more freedom for the instructor, but also for students with regard to flexible enrollment.

Online college courses allow more people than ever to have the college experience. Freed from the obligation of committing two or three hours a week to a physical classroom (not including drive time) lets everyone from full time employees to full time parents take advantage of the opportunities for higher education.

Technology has a way to breed progress and nowhere is that statement more visible than in the utilization of web conferences in online courses.

Online courses are not for every student, because they require a certain amount of self-motivation and drive. They also require that the students work to completion without the pressure of physically presenting themselves week after week.

Another benefit of web conferences is the ability of some instructors to host an “office” night and be available online for questions or discussion with students.

This increased contact can be more personal and while students and instructor discuss issues via the conference, both are still able to handle other matters whether it’s telephone calls for work or typing up a homework assignment or even cooking dinner.

Web conferences are a tremendous tool for educators and students alike. The advantages they provide far exceed their own limitations. Classes that deal in languages and art are not suited to a web conference format, yet.

These limitations are imposed only by the technology so far, yet what is possible for educators now was only a tale of science fiction three decades ago, so who knows what three decades more might bring.

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