HPC Systems, Inc. Announces First 8-Way Processor AMD Opteron Server

Written By: Andrew Oh

San Jose, CA November 16, 2004 – HPC Systems, Inc. announces the availability of the A5220HS Server, the industrys first 8 Processor AMD Opteron based Server utilizing HTX-PRO technology by Iwill USA Corporation. This technology allows the AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture to achieve its full potential, providing infinite possibilities in customization and unparalleled bandwidth access in I/O intensive applications.

The A5220HS leverages the AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture already standard on all AMD Opteron systems through Iwill’s HTX-Pro HyperTransport interconnect. HTX-Pro uses the same HyperTransport technology bus that connects memory, I/O and processors to also connect expansion I/O devices directly to the AMD Opteron processor at 6.4GB/s (or higher if available) of total bandwidth per HyperTransport technology link. HTX-Pro allows for a modular system design, freeing the motherboard from handling expansion buses and devices such as PCI, PCI-X and InfiniBand by concentrating those functions into separate system boards connected by HTX-Pro, allowing the I/O portion of the system to be upgraded without replacing the entire platform. A user may start using the platform based around PCI-X add-in devices and upgrade to PCI-Express at a later date by simply changing out the modular I/O board.

The A5220HS brings a highly scalable, high performance integrated, 64-bit computing solution to the enterprise market. The lower price and superior scalability and performance of the AMD Opteron processor, relative to other available 64 bit architectures, allow systems like the A5220HS to bring a level of performance previously too expensive for many to consider, said Jim Bowen, HPC Systems Director of Systems Engineering. Whether handling corporate databases or performing complex scientific computations, the A5520HS is a workhorse for enterprise.

The A5220HS server features include up to 8 AMD Opteron processors capable of simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing capability, up to 128GB of ECC 333/400 DDR memory via 32 DIMM Slots, four (4) Gigabit Ethernet ports, onboard Mellanox InfiniBand dual channel host controller, up to eight hot swappable SATA or SCSI HDDs, redundant power supplies, five PCI-X slots, 3.25′ FDD & 5.25′ drive bay for CD/ DVD-ROM or tape devices, remote server management capabilities, a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems in a 5U rackmount enclosure.

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HPC Systems is an SDB / 8(a) certified manufacturer and integrator of a broad range of customized server, storage and cluster solutions to the Government, Universities, Corporate and High Performance Computing markets. HPC Systems, Inc. focuses on utilizing standard commodity hardware, standard interconnects and networking technology to develop customized solutions. Our offerings come in Rackmount, Workstation and Blade Server configurations. Our goal is to develop and deliver high quality, reliable, and cost effective solutions that meets the individual requirements of our customer. For more information on the 8-Way AMD Opteron Server, please visit http://www.hpcsystems.com.

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