I Love The Internet

Written By: Brad Swift

I just have to repeat that — I love the internet, and here are just a few reasons why.

First, if it weren’t for the internet, it would be much harder for me to run Life On Purpose Institute from such a beautiful, yet off the beaten track location as Flat Rock NC — population 1,690 or 5,841 if you count East Flat Rock. (figures I found in about 3 minutes with an Ask Jeeves search (web.ask.com). Yet, I have been able to assist people to clarify their life purpose as far away as Adelaide, Australia, and I don’t think you can get two points on the map much farther away from each other than these two.

And most recently it’s been reconfirmed to me that you can find just about anything you need to know if you know how to look and if you exercise a little purposeful patience and persistence. Case in point. This past week my Casio Alarm Chronograph (watch) battery died, finally after about 2 years of use. Not to worry. I went to WalMart where I bought the watch and purchased a $3 battery, but when I installed it, the watch still didn’t work.

The lady at WalMart said that on Timex watches they have a reset button but neither of us could find one on the Casio. But, I figured I couldn’t go too far wrong with a $3 battery so I bought it anyway. Of course, the small instruction booklet that came with the watch wasn’t with all the other instruction manuals that I found in my desk drawer, so it was time to call in the Big Gun — the internet.

Back to Ask Jeeves and, no kidding, less than five minutes later I had my answer, which is a bit more detailed than worth mentioning here, but I promise you I never would have figured it out on my own. (Curious? Go to: http://web.ask.com/redir?u=http%3a%2f%2fwww.seriousliving.net%2fnew-3870480-1174.html)

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