I still get a ton of spam emailed to me. If I change my email address will it stop?

Written By: Angela Daley, A Daley Design, LLC

If you change your email address, the amount of spam you receive will drop dramatically. However, this effect is usually only temporary. Once you begin to use your new address on a regular basis, the spammers slowly begin to catch up. It’s similar to changing your phone number – the more you give it out and the longer you have it, the more calls you get.

The situation is not hopeless, however. Most ISPs provide some type of spam filtering tool. These tools seem to improve regularly in an attempt to keep up with the increasing craftiness of spammers. You can search your ISPs Email Help for information on turning on your spam filter.

Even free email services tend to provide some sort of spam-fighting technology. For example, the email account I have had the longest receives the most amount of spam. However, it is hosted on Yahoo and their SpamGuard technology does a pretty good job of filtering unwanted emails into a Bulk folder. I can chose to browse through these messages if I want or I can just delete them.

So whether you want to ‘Guard’ against spam, ‘Block’ it, ‘Detect’ it, or just plain filter it out, you have a good chance of being successful with today’s tools.

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