Importance of Using Keywords in the Title Tag

Written By: Gary R. Hess

Many webmasters have complained about the irrelevance of results in search engines. However, they do not understand the basic functions which search engines use to organize results and categorize them into the correct listings.

The title tag is the single most importance function when search engines wish to rank sites. To test this theory, go to Google and type in any keyword you wish. The top 10 results, more than likely, hold the keywords within the title of the page.

So why are you still putting “home page” in your title?

Using the word “home page” in your title will not help your site. Think about it. When have you ever typed the word home page into a search engine? Try it. Go to Google or Yahoo right now and type “home page” in and hit search.

You are best served by your main keywords in the title tag.

For example, if you create a web page about blue widgets, put in your title. Think about it from a viewers point of view as well. If you bookmarked a page and wanted to return quickly to it, wouldn’t you rather know what the page is about instead of just reading “home page?” Not only that, this will create relevance for the rest of your site and set an overall theme for the page.

Now this does not guarantee first place listings, but it definitely does help. So if you have made this mistake, go correct your pages now and I promise you, more visitors will come and appreciate what you have done.

About the Author

Gary is a webmaster for Website Creations.

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