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Written By: Jamie Ratliff

As webmasters, most of us are aware of the Google PageRank system. As Google continues to improve the PageRank system, webmasters must continously try to keep their websites ranking high. Unfortunately, many will use techniques that are not quite legitimate. So, what should you be doing to improve your page rank results?

1.) Write “useful” content for your website that others will find helpful. Allow other webmasters to use the content on their own website with a link back to yours.

2.) Avoid cheating. Sure, you may cheat and see an increase in your PageRank, but you can be sure Google is getting better at catching these and will eventually find out. This may result in a lower pagerank, or even all out removal from the Google search system.

3.) Be patient. Don’t resubmit your website every day just because you made a few changes. You will find that once your website has been around a while, Google will do a pretty good job of updating their engine. If it has been a few months and the GoogleBot has not come to visit, then you should probably resubmit.

4.) Get listed in other engines. Submit to Yahoo, DMOZ, and others. Again, be patient as it might take some time before your site gets listed.

We all know that a higher ranking means more revenue, but we should also beware of abusing our websites to the point of being removed from Google. I would much rather have a lower pagerank and work hard to get an honest higher pagerank than to cheat and risk losing a google listed website.

I have a website that I personally use for submission to some of the major search engines. Feel free to submit your website for free at: http://www.add-url-submit.com

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Jamie Ratliff is a designer / owner of Victoria Technology. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box remains together with a hyperlink to http://www.add-url-submit.com

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