Intelligent File Synchronization and Outlook Backup solution from Mobiliti

Written By: Bejoy J Poravanthattil

Mobiliti, Inc has released Network/Unplugged 5.1. Users have been using Network/Unplugged for incrementally backing up user files including open outlook pst files, synchronizing user data transparently over any communication medium and accessing network files in the offline state. The new version 5.1 improves the administration and management aspect of the software, makes bandwidth usage more efficient and utilizes data storage better.

Network/Unplugged is used as an outlook backup solution, transparent and non-interactive file synchronization agent and offline network provider for enterprise network shares or single user desktop. Firstly, due to its size, backing up outlook has been an intimidating task. Network/Unplugged uses its own patented technology to backup outlook pst files incrementally to address this issue. Secondly, Network/Unplugged provides a general purpose enterprise wide file synchronization and backup solution, which can be deployed centrally. Mobilitis iDESP technology enables optimal bandwidth usage through the availability of block level, byte level and write monitor differencing along with compression, encryption, caching and bandwidth throttling. Thirdly, Network/Unplugged lets its users carry the network shares and map drives offline and subsequently have virtual network capability to transparently access and synchronize user data during no network connectivity.

The administration and management of the product in version 5.1 is expected to be easier as the central deployment kit of the product has been improved to use multiple profile files. This allows the deployment team to have a hierarchy of deployment files to mirror the organization structure while selectively deploying the settings.

Network/Unplugged 5.1 has a client only network accelerator available. It is possible to continue cached access of network data when the bandwidth is below a user defined level. In the background, Network/Unplugged can be configured to keep the actual network file updated with the modified cache using the Lazy Real Time Backup solution or scheduled synchronizations. Bandwidth throttling limits the synchronization process to use only a portion of the available bandwidth for better coexistence. Mobiliti has released a free complimentary tool – Mobiliti Speed Check to calculate the end-to-end bandwidth speed. More details on Mobiliti Speed Sync can be seen at http://www.mobiliti.com/speedcheck.html .

The 5.1 version can compress the backup destination to make optimal use of storage space. Compression while transmitting data was available in earlier versions too. Additionally, project wise exclusion of files, folders and extensions, grace period for aging files and control of user space helps in better storage control.

The Client only version of Network/Unplugged comes for $80 per user license. Adaptive file level differencing, compression, encryption and synchronization in disconnected state come with client server model, which is priced at $252 per user license. The trial version of the product can be downloaded from http://www.mobiliti.com/netUP.html. Mobiliti, Inc., based in Edison, New Jersey, is a leading developer of synchronization and backup products.

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