Internet Reality Check

Written By: Thomas Profitt

Remember the Internet? The real Internet. A place where we would go to catch up on the news, research some information, play games or chat and email those we cared about. A place to escape to. It was bound to happen and it did. Somewhere along the way the Internet began to become a marketing tool. The Internet began to scream “Get Rich Now”, Quit Your Day Job”, Turn $9.99 into $1000 In A Month With No Effort!. Suddenly people who would have laughed at such suggestions if somebody had walked up to them on the street and screamed these phrases began to believe them. Did we lose our common sense once our fingers touched the mouse?

Sadly millions of dollars have been lost on what should have been the greatest information tool the world has ever seen. What are the reasons for this? One reason is that people have been taught to believe the written word. We were taught from text books in school and a large part of our success in school depended on how well we remembered what was written. Secondly it is next to impossible to judge the character of an individual when your only contact with them is a computer screen. And last we all have our dreams and desires. It only takes a simple suggestion or nudge in the right direction to play on these dreams and desires.

Enjoy the Internet for what it was created for. The sharing of information and the ability to connect to others. The Internet can bring richness to your life but where money is concerned tread lightly with a dose of common sense and healthy skepticism thrown in for good measure. Happy surfing.

About the Author: Thomas Profitt enjoys perusing the the Internet when he is not at his day job or spending time with his family. He is webmaster of http://www.smallstepbigsuccess.com which offers products,services and advice from around the globe for lifes little annoying problems.

Source: www.isnare.com

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