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Written By: Andrew Clacy

Does negative past experiences influence *YOUR* future financial prosperity? Many people are burdened by past negative experiences in life and are unable to raise their level of prosperity, thus continually allowing negativity to dictate their life. Allow me to enlighten you with a further pertinent story.

The Financial Story of Mark Twain Mark Twain was sitting on his veranda one evening having a beer with his neighbour, who happened to be his local barber. A smartly dressed salesman called and was invited to sit and join them and make his presentation.

The salesman went to great lengths to explain that he represented a business house marketing shares in a new product for a new company that was going to take the world by storm, and would make thousands, and possibly millions, for those who helped to finance the company now, by buying shares.

Mark Twain chased the man off his veranda. “Get out of here. I’ve been caught before with these wild share schemes. Why just last year I bought a whole heap of x shares in a new company and within a very few months the company had folded up and I lost all my money. I will never buy shares again.”

The man left and the barber neighbour escorted him off the premises. However the barber, who had not had a bad shares experience, was very interested in what he had heard, and invited the salesman to his place, next door, and he listened to the story again. The barber bought into the company and made millions! Mark Twain made nothing! Why?

Because the company was selling a new invention called the Bell Telephone. Mark Twain surrendered to his deductive mindset and limiting beliefs, hence passing up on a wonderful opportunity. As for Mark Twain, he remained in debt for a considerable portion of his life until his death in 1910. The lesson here for all of us is that we must replenish and invigorate our exuberance for life by continually persevering regardless of the circumstances.

The Latin phrase known to most Stock Market Traders is “Carpe Diem.” It means seize the day.

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