Is Your Niche Site A Real Lemon?

Written By: Donna Monday

By now many of you have heard about the advantages of building niche web sites to promote the selling of products and services online. Indeed, building a targeted niche site is a very smart idea.

Because of the huge amount of competition from larger company sites and thousands of smaller competitors, building general mall type sites or catch all sites is a waste of time. It will be extremely difficult to get even one visitor to your site if youre trying to reach everybody.

Therefore, some smart Internet savvy marketers figured out that if they picked a niche area and focused only on that niche, then they have a much better chance of finding targeted visitors looking for very specific information on products and services.

But figuring out what a niche is and exactly how to go about promoting that niche is very puzzling to a lot of people looking to use the Internet to grow rich, or at least make a comfortable living. Yes, you can make serious money on the Internet with a niche site.

First, though, youve got to find a good niche.

Well, Ive found the perfect example of a niche web site that is attractive, informational, and shows a real love for its subject. Would you believe that a love of lemons could grow into a moneymaking niche site?

Thats right. Someone has turned a common fruit into a wonderful site that is devoted only to the enjoyment of lemons.

You can visit it here: http://www.lemonflower.com

Now if someone can make lemonade out of the vast wasteland of all those millions of loser (lemon) web sites, then this tells you that there must be something to all this talk about niche web sites.

Before you build one, however, you need to do your research and see if your subject is something that enough people are interested in. Then you need to write keyword rich web copy that will attract visitors. Finally, youll need to learn all you can about strategic Internet marketing, and how to target your niche market.

Sometimes you may find that theres less competition if you pick a niche within a niche. Lets look at our lemon site again.

General Category = Fruit
Niche = Citrus Fruit
Niche within a Niche = Lemons

I hope this information makes your quest to find a niche for your web site a little bit clearer. Now I think Ill take a break and have a nice cold glass of lemonade.

About the Author: Donna Monday Copyright 2005 Find it Quick in a Click http://www.1MinuteSolutions.com

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