Is Your Web Host Too Good to be True?

Written By: The Quantum Host

When searching for a hosting
company, make certain to stay away from web hosting deals that seem too good to
be true.
the package sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. There are several respectable
web hosting companies out there working diligently to operate a good business.

You will come across the good and the bad in the web hosting industry. Luckily
for every one poor hosting company there are many more companies that know what
it takes to operate a hosting business. The other day I came across a link in
the deals section for an unlimited web hosting plan. I have seen the word
"Unlimited" used several times in web hosting marketing and it
bothers me, along with a few more things. style=’mso-special-character:line-break’>

First of all, the web pages on
this site did not work properly. This should be a red flag that you might not
want to do business with this company. If they cant get their site to work
properly then why should they be concerned with yours?
style=’color:#3366FF’> The only part that
seemed to work was the Paypal link for you to pay for
Web hosting.

Another thing that annoyed me was that they were offering a
"lifetime" membership for the low price of sixty dollars. This is an
example of another too good to be true promotions. A web server cannot really
be run in such a manner.

So remember to watch out for these remarkable deals. There are folks out
there that only want your money, and not your business. Thankfully though there
are a lot more honest and hard working folks that hate these practices as much
as me such as iPowerweb,
The Quantum
, and APlus.net.
Even if it takes a little longer, or costs a little more, take the time to find
an all around good web host. Do your homework, and you will be happy for many web
hosting years to come.

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