I’ve Been Infected!

Written By: Dennis Eppestine

The last few days, I’ve been so proud of myself. I’ve been working
on my ebook, getting organized, really getting things done, and

My computer started acting funny. Things started freezing up, my
browser would change websites for no apparent reason, my email
didn’t seem the same, everything was running slow.

Oh no! I’ve been infected!

OK, this was my own fault. I have Norton System Works, which I
love, by the way. But the other day while playing a game (hey,
I can’t work ALL the time!), I shut down my automatic virus

BIG mistake! I ran Scan Disk, and Defrag, and System Information,
and finally realized what I had done. So I immediately ran a full
check of my computer – over 8,000 files infected!

I thought I was gonna throw up.

Just to give you one example of the important stuff I lost – my
web pages are naturally stored on my computer’s hard drive as well
as my websites. Nearly half my website files were infected!

I thought I was gonna throw up.

Well, as far as I can tell, everything’s fixed now, but I’m still
a little queasy.

Learn from my mistake, and keep your automatic virus protection on
ALL the time!

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