Katrina Commission a 21st Century Idea

Written By: James Murray

A “People’s Katrina Commission” — A 21st Century Solution Updated Sept 6, 2005

Senators are calling for a “Katrina Commission”…

One wonders how hard the Whitehouse will fight this one.

I wonder if a “People’s Commission” on Katrina is what is needed?

It could combine the Internet, using the latest in technology, and result in the best and the brightest, from around the world trading ideas and thoughts on preventing future tragedies.

Each time a federal “commission” be it the “911 Commission” back to the “Warren Commission” there have been accusations of “cover-up”, perhaps an open and frank and uncensored “People’s Commission” is the solution.

The shortsighted thinking of people from all the levels of government, local, state and federal are being high-lighted to the world.

FEMA and other agencies are apparently more interested in a turf war.

Even though many experts are all on record as saying that just such a disaster was due. The preparation and long term planning was sadly lacking. Katrina Predicted

Allowing the very politicians, and bureaucrats to “study and report” on this disaster, is frankly a recipe for future disasters.

The Whitehouse started, after 911 on a program to put in place massive disaster plans for terror attacks.

A terror attack would not have days of radar tracking covered on all the 24 hour news stations.

FEMA’s Cheroff, is on record as saying that once they read that New Orleans “dodged a bullet”, a headline that doesn’t appear to have made it to any major papers.

That is NOT the issue here…. what is the issue, simply is that, once the scope of the disaster was apparent, it still took days for federal help that was already approved to come in, started to arrive.

The federal government, Department of Homeland Security and the President all promised that they would be prepared to protect against a terror attack, and that they would be ready to help after any disaster.

We have now seen how empty that promise really was, and is.

Letting the same people whose failures allowed this disaster to seek solutions to make sure such a failure never happens again is not going to solve these kinds of problems.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” are the first words in Constitution of the United States… today, perhaps it is time for “the People” to stand up and take some of the burden away from the politicians and bureaucrats.

James Murray
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