Keeping your Computer Spyware Free for Free

Written By: Mitch Johnson

As the threats of spyware continue to spread the means computer users must take to protect themselves and their computers from spyware infections become more difficult. A legitimate attitude among many computer uses is that the spyware should not have been installed on their computer without permission in the first place, therefore why should internet users be forced to pay for its removal. Although understandable, this way of thinking can cause users computers to crash while spyware applications steal away with your private information, unless you take thorough action to remove spyware through free downloadable removal tools.

Purchasing anti-spyware software will provide the surest protection from future spyware invasions, but if the time and effort is put forth using free spyware removal tools, computer users can actively protect their computers on their own. Three of the top free spyware removal tools include Ad-Aware by Lavasoft, Spybot Search and Destroy and Hijack This, the latter being the least user friendly. Combining the efforts of several free spyware scan and removal tools and running the updates and scans regularly on each will provide the ultimate defense against spyware infections.

Try running the spyware scans once you have rebooted your computer and set it to safe mode. After the scan and removal tasks are complete, restart the computer to test if the spyware tools removed spyware causing any functional problems. When using Hijack This you should have a knowledge of what applications run at start up along with which browser help objects you need according to the software you use. If you are unsure of either, try using the program under the watch of a more technically educated person.

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