Keeping Your Website In Top Condition – 5 Easy tips for maintaining a streamline site

Written By: Janet Thompson

Whether you are the master of your own domain or webmastering for
someone else, you want to maintain the most efficient website you
can. To achieve this takes diligence and awareness on your part. Here
are five ways to maintain that site with minimum effort. The best
idea is to schedule this small list as part of your regular weekly

1. Go through your site and click on links. Check to ensure that all
links work and are loading properly. If you have massive lists of
links, break them down and do a portion a week as a rotating
maintenance. This upkeep includes images. Take a quick tour through
your site to make sure there are no broken images. Nothing looks so
unkempt as that little red x where your image should be.

2. Check the bulletin board or guest book and reply or respond to
your correspondence. People love getting prompt and courteous answers
to questions or queries they address to you. Even if one of your
visitors has left a small comment or url in your guest book, respond
to them. This is internet networking in it’s most elemental form, but
the returns are enormous. Branding your name to your site is how
people will remember you and return often. Receiving a note in their
email saying something such as “thanks for dropping by (mysite.com)
and leaving your url for us” is going to further imprint your
internet address in their mind. It’s great public relations.

3. If you carry affiliate advertising or other sponsor text or
banners, check your management page to make sure the affiliate is
still active. A common maintenance problem webmasters face is a
discontinued sponsor link. Your surfers end up at a 404 or they reach
the affiliate’s home page, but you don’t get the credit for their
click-thru. You can’t make money if your affiliate link isn’t active.

4. Update time-sensitive information or links. One of the most
annoying things for your visitors is to be drawn into clicking a
link, only to find the topic/contest/offer expired. They may not
click next time. Keep your website current.

5. Remember to change your *this site updated on – * date. People
will continue on their way if they surf to sites that haven’t been
updated in forever. Current information and articles will attract
readers far faster than material last updated months ago.

With these five simple maintenance tips scheduled into your regular
routine, you’ll not only cut down on larger upkeep later, but
embarrassment from receiving reader email telling you this or that is
down. You want to present efficiency and care. Keeping the little
things fixed is a great way to do just that.

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