Knowing About Telecommunications Histrory

Written By: Gab Thom

The world telecommunication in America anda Europe have been spreading very fast. However, introducing new method telephone Cellular started in1947 where at the time, the telecommunications experts could only use frequency as a means of communication.

It was 20 years later, revolution in telecommunication started in finding componen or parts like cable wire and triod, from then founding of the telecommunication parts without wire. The American was using the high-technology cellular during world war two.

Cellular technology depends on cels thats found in various model. Every cels has its station to send forth frequency between 900 to 1800 Mhz. From the station it send forth hundred of kilometers.
After Sweden, Finland also came up one of the best Founder in cellular Telecommunication by Bjorn Westerlund and formed a company called NOKIA in 1967. in 1970 in Europe, NOKIA anda Ericsson become the biggest Communication Company such as MOTORORA in United States.

When AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) started it usage in 1978 and within six months, the north American were attracted in using it. After it was successful in United State, then brought in Japan in 1979. AMPS functioning with its frequency 800 Mhz and in Japan it is known as JTACS.
In 1981 its Frequency system 450 Mhz were introduce in Europe or Nordic Mobile Technology (NMT) were used. It was also used in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. While in United Kingdom Using System of Total Access Communication (TACS) in 1985 where its frequency functioning at 900 Mhz.
In other parts of Europe, they invented new System of Cellular and in Europe itself has invented nine new system of telephone. For example C-Netz in Germany and Radiocom 2000 in France while RTMI/RTMS in Italy.

Since then quiet a number of people using hand-set telephone and this industry spreading very very fast. Now the hand-set telephone is not only large size but keep on changing into small size in 1980. And 1990, the brand such as NOKIA, MOTOROLA and Sony Ericsson and SAMSUNG and a lot more was very popular in the world.

With GPRS cellular Operations in Malaysia, the GSM has its three choice with 3G.
Firstly, is using EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution) which was became reality in 2005. Now only DIGI Telecommunication have been launching with EDGE and hand-set telephone were Commercialized by the manufacturer or its producer.

EDGE could use GSM and hand-set telephone could also be used by EDGE.
Apart from that, the customer can use the GSM/EDGE Dualmode or Trimode GSM/GPRS/EDGE by using its Frequency that would also reduce capacity GSM. This can also reduce the power of GSM. The EDGE duty with its fast data 288 kbps with wider frequency 10 Mhz should reduce it capacity to 42 percent from its total GSM capacity.

Choice number two is through UMTS which is also known WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) also using hand-set telephone through its power trimode GSM/GPRS/WCDMA. This choice must have wider investment instead of EDGE and its hand-set telephone still not being popularized.

In Europe there are a lot of analysis being made by the Industrial Technology to upgrade the effectiness of 3G. Many investment should be done to send forth message 3G and its WCDMA infracture.
Third choice is using GSMIX with GSM and CDMA 2000-IX telephone hand-set. This telephone hand-set is being sold and need not necessary outside service CDMA 2000 for connection purpose. Using telephone hand-set with its dualmode CDMA/GSM power is good for adventure.

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