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Amara Flash Menu Maker is a new software package that makes it easy for users to create animated Flash buttons and menus for websites. Amara Flash Menu Maker provides offline creation of impressive and professional Flash buttons and entire navigation menus, including sub-menus.

Amara Flash Menu Maker offers exceptional Flash buttons with animated effects. Users can create their personalized buttons and menus by simply changing the settings of the templates, such as colors, text, sound effects, hyperlinks and company slogan, and the buttons can easily be made to match the style and color scheme of any website. Users’ settings are automatically saved in Amara Flash Menu Maker and the updating of a design is simple. About 99% of web users worldwide are able to view Flash elements nowadays. Although more and more websites use Flash, still very few people know how to create Flash animations. Amara Flash Menu Maker will help people who want to make an impact with their website to draw and impress visitors. Users don’t need any programming, design or Flash skills to be able to create a website menu with Amara Flash Menu Maker

Amara Flash Menu Maker is compatible with all HTML editors and Macromedia Flash, so it’s
easy to incorporate the buttons into websites or Flash projects. File sizes
are kept extremely low, just 7 to 9KB for an entire navigation menu including

These are some of Amara Flash Menu Maker’s unique features:

1) Button size adjusts automatically to length of text.

2) Menu bar can be made scrollable, i.e. an unlimited number of buttons can
be used in the menu or sub-menu.

3) Background music.

4) Mouse-over and mouse-down sound effects.

5) Background picture.

6) Many profesional button designs available.

7) Extra feature to add a company slogan to the menu.

8) Small file sizes.

Amara Flash Menu Maker is a shareware program, so anyone can first try out the free shareware version before deciding to buy it. The free, unregistered version can be downloaded for free from the Amara Software website, and is fully functional, with the exception of URL links in the buttons.

To get the registered version with full hyperlink functionality, users should buy Amara Flash Menu Maker for just US$29.95 via the secure payment service link on the Amara Software website. Users who have bought Amara Flash Menu Maker will receive free upgrades.More information about Amara Flash Menu Maker is available on the website, where you can also see some working examples of the Flash menus created with the program: www.amarasoftware.com/flash-menu-builder.htm.
For any other questions, please e-mail the program’s creator at amara@amarasoftware.com.

Amara Software is the developer of no-nonsense Flash programs, making it easier for people to create Flash elements for their website. Other Flash programs by Amara Software are: Amara Flash News Ticker (www.amarasoftware.com/flash-news-ticker.htm) and Amara Flash Photo Slide Show Builder (http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-slide-show.htm).

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Amara Software is the developer of no-nonsense Flash programs, making it easier for people to create Flash elements for their website.

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