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Spyware is a frequently occurring word in technology circles these days, with menacing undertones. Spyware is software that downloads onto your computer piggybacked onto other downloads you requested. Spyware software comes in many forms: adware, malware, and pop-up ads. Each of these forms to about the same thing: they infect your computer no matter how new and complex your firewall or virus blocker happens to be. They slip by these protections because they look just like a part of the program you requested.

They infect your personal computer and can contaminate important system files. Spyware retards the rate at which your computer runs, making it very slow and difficult to use. Spyware can crash your system, ruining important data and possibly ruining your system forever. Spyware relays where you spend time browsing on the internet, profiles your internet shopping habits, and will even transmit your credit card and social security numbers back to the publisher of the spyware. If they choose not to exploit your personal
information themselves, they may choose to sell it to a third party, at whose discretion you will be victim. Fortunately, Lavasoft spyware protection can protect you from the infringement of unwanted parasites on your machine.

Lavasoft spyware protection technology is an industry leader. Lavasoft, started in Germany in the mid 1990s now has partners in over one hundred countries with software in twenty different languages. Lavasoft is dedicated to returning the control of downloads back to where it belongs: you, the computer user and owner. Lavasoft anti-spyware will scan your computer for parasites and effectively remove them. Lavasoft is available in many different forms to meet your personal or commercial needs. Lavasoft spyware removal protects you and your personal information. Lavasoft feels committed to changing the ad industry by removing the threat of spyware and the invasion spyware infection causes to privacy and freedom to choose. Lavasoft is an industry leader fighting for you and your computers safety.

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