Learn How To Hide Files and Folders On Your Computer

Written By: Michael D. Fischer

Do you have files and documents that are very sensitive on your computer that you wish you could hide from others? Chances are you do. You may have important work documents that you need to keep away from your kids or a secret letter you need hidden from your spouse. In any case, there are several ways to hide these documents of interest.

SEOWave Internet Solutions has developed software to help consumers hide their private documents and files. “We determined through research that users wanted an easier way to secure private documents using an easy, step-by-step secure software system” said Michael D. Fischer, SEOWave.com. “There were several ways to hide files. We wanted to create a simple, yet effective way to hide files for consumers.”

The Windows based program is called FileHidingSoftware.com (http://www.filehidingsoftware.com).

There are other ways to hide software on your computer. For instance you could:

1. Save your documents to a floppy disk or CD.

2. If you have a website, you could upload the information to a directory. There are several programs that will allow you to upload your files. IPSwitch (http://www.ipswitch.com) and Simple FTP Client (http://www.simple-ftp-client) (Don’t forget to password protect your website’s directory!)

3. You could create a virtual folder (a fake folder). One example is the Control Panel. The control panel is not really folder. Not convinced? Try searching for it on your local hard drive. I bet you can’t find it. :)

With this in mind, Fischer wanted to create something simple for users.

After determining that most people wanted something easier to use, Fischer went to work overseeing the development of software that could securely hide files and folders with a “click of a button”.

“It’s much easier than the other options I mentioned”, Fischer added.

To download a fully functional demo, visit http://www.filehidingsoftware.com.

About FileHidingSoftware.com:

FileHidingSoftware.com is a simple file and folder security application that provides an easy to use interface that allows you to choose the files by selecting the directories in which you choose to block users from viewing. With a password protection feature, you can easily lock and unlock the folders of your choice without worrying about anyone seeing your files.

About the Author

Michael D. Fischer is the owner/operator of FileHidingSoftware.com.

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