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Written By: Daniel Katz

Learn how to type and make money!
In this competitive world, the progress on technology don’t let us be one day off the scene, or we’ll be out of the market, and one of the simplest and most important abilities we need to develop not to get rid of our world is the typing skill.

Fast typing is a must in our societies, doesn’t matter where in the globe we live or what our business is about, and for those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn to type at school or by practicing before, there are great changes of improve your typing and for those how know how to type but need to do it faster, is necessary to improve your typing speed.

From several typing software that are on the market, I recommend Touch Typing Now!, which can be found at the excusive web site seller www.tutor-typing.com.
Touch Typing Now! has 3 different typing versions to learn to type. You can choose from two downloadable editions: Touch Typing Now! and Touch Typing PRO Edition, and there is the Touch Typing Deluxe Edition, which is a CD ROM version of this fast typing software.

Both typing software (downloadable and CD ROM) count with a user friendly interface and 19 consecutive lessons and multi user sessions, so more than one student can learn typing in the same PC.

Advantages of this typing software:
The Tutor Typing PRO Edition is easy to download and install, besides that there are no shipping costs and you will receive it instantly after your credit card is accepted, so you will be able to start learning to type and improve your typing skills now!
The Deluxe Edition has -besides the regular features- the option of typing courses in German and Spanish, and as you receive the CD ROM, you can install the touch typing software in more than one PC if you want to practice typing at home as well as in the office.

Besides private users who want to learn how to type, schools, professional institutes and correctional institutions are constantly interested on typing software to give their students better tools to find a job and have a better quality of life.

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Daniel Katz, Business Development Manager at Compucall Web Marketing Ltd., experts in International Search Engine Optimization.

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