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You need to visit a website loaded with pictures, animations and music. You click on the link. You go and put on the coffee. You wait. When it’s done, you pour yourself some and carry it to your desk. You take a sip. It needs more sugar. You go back and stir it in. Take another sip. Yes, it’s good. Pour some more. Carry it back again. Hmmm, the page is only half loaded yet. Ok, time to go back and make a sandwich.

Does the above describe your experience with the Internet? If yes, read on. See if the following checklist of symptoms applies to your situation.

1. You have built a mental list of websites you can’t visit – they’d take ages to load. 2. You compose your e-mails beforehand in a word processor, and then connect via dial-up and copy-paste the whole thing into your web-based email service’s ‘compose’ page. There’s no sense in trying to write/edit your text online, on a slow, timed connection. 3. You’ve heard fairy tales about all the goodies the Internet has to offer you. You never go near them. They weren’t really meant for you. 4. You have developed this habit of avoiding links to music, videos, pictures etc., because your connection just isn’t good enough for them. 5. You ask your friends not to send you pictures or large attachments via e-mail because they take hours to get downloaded, and often your connection breaks halfway through and you have to reconnect and start all over again.

Does the above more or less accurately describe your relationship with the internet?

Then it’s time for you to forget obsolete dial-up technology and move to something that’ll really let you ‘surf’ the web at blazing speeds, instead of dragging yourself through it. Yes, you know about DSL and cable, but these never seem to arrive in your area. Of course, the connection needs to be affordable too. You have heard great things of satellite Internet, but aren’t those things too expensive?

Not now. Not any more. Now, there’s WildBlue.

You have always wanted to get broadband Internet, but cable or DSL just don’t seem to arrive in your area. Which leaves you stuck with clicking on the dial-up icon on your desktop, and making coffee and sandwiches while you have an interesting site loading up.

Now, if only there were something that’d let you connect at 20 times the speed of dialup. If only there were no click-click-clicking on the boring old dial-up icon. If only there were no disconnects, no more need to avoid video links, no copy-pasting, no more making that coffee which you didn’t really need, but only the pure internet, unrestricted, rich, lightning fast, waiting for you to jump in and enjoy the show. No matter where you are in the US, no matter if there’s a DSL or cable provider in your area. What you really need is satellite Internet, but you have heard it’s too costly.

Good news for you – satellite Internet is just what you need, and satellite Internet is what you’ll get from WildBlue. At very affordable prices, and speeds comparable to cable or DSL but with the additional benefits of a wireless connection, this is the perfect Internet solution for your home or your business. It’s an always-on connection, which means you don’t need to connect every time you want to do something on the net. Satellite technology does away with the barrier between you and the Internet, and connects the two seamlessly together.

All you need is a small satellite receiver dish to be set up in your home, and a satellite modem, both of which shall be provided by WildBlue. It’s amazing how fast the certified technicians can set up the equipment. The dish can be set up on the roof, in the ground or on an outside wall. All you need is a Windows or Macintosh computer that the technicians will soon prepare for the connection, while you sit back and watch. You can expect to start your new Internet experience the very same day as the equipment arrives. What’s more, all your existing software will continue to work with WildBlue satellite Internet. WildBlue gives you free space on the web for uploading your own material, and multiple e-mail addresses. It supports a broad variety of browsers, e-mail clients and other internet-related programs. You can even continue to use your existing service provider’s e-mail addresses – you’ll need to talk to them for terms and conditions.

So what are you waiting for? With the help of WildBlue, cut down on your coffee making and start enjoying the Internet like it was meant to be!

For more information on WildBlue Internet access visit www.mywildblue.com
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WildBlue is offering cable modem or DSL-like services where cable modem and DSL don’t reach. If you have always wanted to get broadband internet, but cable or DSL just don’t seem to arrive in your area, get WildBlue! Visit www.mywildblue.com for more information.

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