LiveCamNetwork.com Announces First Annual Girl-A-Thong

Written By: Greg Jones

(Toronto) May 2, 2005 – Live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com has announced a 4-hour free chat event they call the “Girl-A-Thong”.

The event has been created to “thank all the users who stood with us through the November 2004 Tech crisis,” said webmaster Jen.

Site owner Mark Prince also has commercial motivations. “The Girlathong is going yearly now,” he said. It’s not just to thank the loyal regular customers of the site, but to illustrate for webmasters how incredible the retention is on LiveCamNetwork.”

According to Prince, webmasters are still collecting regular checks from surfers referred to the site 3 years ago.

“The site not only has what I know are the best chat hostesses on the net,” Jen said. “But has developed, thanks to these regular users, a great cozy community feeling.”

Last November, LiveCamNetwork and all 2much.net sites were hit by a concerted logic-bomb attack which logged-off all performers on the network, preventing anyone from making money for ten days.

“During that time we set up a completely free chat room for anyone to come in and play, and to keep up a little patter,” said Jen. “Which turned out to be an outpouring of support.”

Prince also had a BBS/Forum installed, “to maintain lines of communication open between regular users and chat hostesses. People were posting long messages and threads about how cool we are and how they wouldn’t go to other sites.”

An online magazine and galleries were also added, as well as other features to keep new visitor’s as well as old regular’s interest.

“At the time Mark was quite impressed with our customer retention and loyalty,” said Jen. “I think he was surprised to see how community-like the gang of them were – the girls and the guys. I think his big heart got a little bigger, if you know what I mean, and he ended up promising a 12-hour all-naked girl orgy.”

However as 2much.net rebounded from the cyber attacks, dealt with the legal side of the issue, as well as furbished its daily operations and expanded its sales volume, Prince and Jen consulted with the chat hostesses and managed to come up with the Girl-A-Thong concept.

“Now it’s a five-hour girl party,” Jen says. “Completely free real time video chat with our most popular and enduring chat-hostesses, some special guests, all with sound and covered by two cameras.”

Indeed, the post in the LCN BBS enjoins one and all to join the girls for “a few beers, a few vodkas, a few bodyshots… special party-games and much more.”

The LiveCamNetwork.com Girl-A-Thon will debut Wednesday May 4th at 8:00 pm EST.

The site’s webmaster affiliate sign-up is at http://www.livecamnetwork.com/webmasters.html .


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Jones is Media & Communications manager at www.2much.net and will be a speaker at the Webmaster Access East “Content Is King” seminar, Saturday May 7th 2005 at 12:30 pm (EST).

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