“Making Money, Not Excuses”

Written By: Mike Beriault

Making Money in 2002!
So You Want to Make Some Money This Year?

Webmasters and small business owners who are lured online by the
tremendous profit potential are often overwhelmed by the enormous
amount of information they have to sift through, especially if
they are trying to maintain their web site as well as market it
and provide some customer service!


How Do You Eat An Elephant?

One bite at a time!

That is how you have to manage your online business as well!

Whether you are lucky enough to only be responsible for a single
task, or if you wear all the hats you need to set clear cut goals
and attack them one at a time.

It is easy to become swamped these days, it is hard to focus when
you are up to your knees in crocodiles!

Stop What You Are Doing!

You may be the most organized person, or the most self motivated
(or not) but if you don’t have something concrete to keep you
going eventually the ship will flounder!

Take a moment to sit down and evaluate your business objectively.

1. Look at your expenses.

Decide what is absolutely necessary, Millions of dollars are
wasted unnecessarily every year in expensive domain registrars,
inflated hosting costs, useless software and ineffective

Be serious about your return on investment for every dollar you

2. Look at your revenue.

How do you make your money? What can be done to improve the
product or service? Are you diversified? Can you add additional
revenue streams?

Set some revenue goals. How much do you want to make this year?
Break it down into monthly, weekly and daily figures.

How much do you have to sell or what do you need to do to meet
that number?

Lay it all out for the next 365 days and go ahead full speed,
don’t let anything stop you and you’ll be amazed where you end

That’s Right, Create an Action Plan!

Take your revenue and expense information and put it together.

You will not succeed without a clear cut plan of action with
daily, weekly and monthly goals. Set your goals in concrete, post
them where you can see them every day, next to the computer, on
the fridge, whatever it takes!

Take the time to do it properly, just once.

Do yourself a favor. Prove you are one of the fittest, destined
to survive online!

Make some money in 2002!

Happy Marketing!

Mike Beriault
Editor, Surf22

Send me an email: mike@surf22.com

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Mike Beriault has been making his living through sales and marketing online since 1996. Now he’s helping other webmasters make their web sites profitable. Contact him for a free analysis at the Internet Marketing resource center, http://www.surf22.com or sign up for his free marketing newsletter by sending a blank email to subscribe@surf22.com

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