NoSlang.com launches improved internet slang translator

Written By: Ryan Jones

ALLEN PARK, MI – NoSlang.com, a website that translates internet slang (or “netspeak”) into English, has launched an improved slang translator and now offers a translation dictionary that is 300% larger than when the project began.

The NoSlang.com website specializes in translating acronyms and terms commonly used in email and internet chat rooms into readable text. This service is especially useful for parents whose children are now talking in netspeak while communicating online.

For example, the translator would take completely unreadable sentences such as “lol. i’m afk, bbiab d00d” and return a far easier to understand English translation of: Laughing out loud, I’m away from keyboard, be back in a bit dude.

Added features also include a bad language filter, spell checker, and l33tspeak translation. L33tspeak is the process of using numbers instead of letters in words; often seen in multi-player online games.
The site also includes helpful articles such as “internet slang every parent should know”, “commonly misused words”, and “a guide to using Instant Messengers at work” that will help any parent get up to speed quickly.

The site’s simple design, comprehensive database, and ease of use have contributed to its recent growth in popularity. “It’s really useful,” said NoSlang.com founder Ryan Jones, “you can just copy and paste from somebody’s LiveJournal and find out what the heck they’re talking about. It’s also a great way for parents help protect their kids by learning their language.
Not many parents know to look for warning signs like paw, p911, or pir”.

Jones, who holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, is a professional web developer and freelance writer.


NoSlang.com is the internet’s leading internet slang to English translation service. Its website, www.noslang.com, was launched March 29th, 2005 and was featured as the Yahoo! website of the week on August 9th, 2005. The site is now gaining widespread attention for its usefulness to parents and accuracy in its translations, and has been the subject of numerous articles worldwide recently.


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