O’ Whats In a Name?

Written By: Matthias V. Pupillo

A domain name is the most important and most often overlooked component of a website. Its importance is because a customer has to remember it to get to your website. Another reason is the importance a domain name plays in search engine optimization. Finally the domain name is the online face of the company. The domain name that a website owner selects is the most crucial step.

There are many reasons to build a website. Most have them have something to due with customers. Either current or new, customers need to be able to remember a website. If the customer forgets a website then they are going to go to a search engine. That is not good for any business that has competition. A website owner would like visitors to come directly to there site without seeing any competitors. If a domain name is too long or too confusing most customers will never remember it. With an improperly selected domain name a company is often looking at a bleak landscape in the virtual world.

For websites looking to receive traffic from the major search engines there site needs to be optimized. Although the rules of search are always changing, one thing that remains the same is the value of a domain name. Enter almost any search term into a major search engine and it is a likely guarantee that the keyword will be in the domain of the first search result. Smart companies do more than just use a company name for their domain. They often include a desired keyword in their website address. Most website builders and companies often overlook the importance of a proper domain.

Many times a company will start as a land based business. Then they start an online presence that eclipses their previous business. Take for instance the Echo Bay Technology Group. The company was looking for a domain name and had to select a different name because the name they wanted was not available EchoBay.com. They were so successful that they changed their company name to their domain name; eBay.

Also people that email your company are directly in contact with your domain name. The most often made mistake is people making to large of a domain name, not realizing that people have to email to that address. The large problem with that is any email sent to the address may go to a different company. Most emails are critical to business and some even contain confidential business information. The larger an email address is the more times there are for an error in typing. A new twist on this problem is competitors buying domains that are close to yours and stealing a wrongly sent email. The domain name is the most important aspect of any web based business.

Too many times a company will just pick a domain name because it is available. That lack luster decision often dooms a web venture. The best thing that a company can do is to hire a professional domain company to help them select their domain name choice.

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