Online Traffic Schools: Investigating The Four Five Schools On The Google Search

Written By: Dan Ford

For many people, bettering their lives is often a question of time. For the case of drivers, many drivers do not have the time to go to classes at a local defensive driving or traffic school. This has lead to the creation of online traffic schools. One of the first ways many individuals attempt to find something on the internet is through search engines such as Google. Thus, this article will be investigating those online traffic schools that are in the top five positions of Google when the phrase “online traffic schools” is searched. These include Go to Traffic School, Traffic Interactive, DMV.org, and Web Traffic School. For the purposes of this article, the top five are those found below the Sponsored Link section.

Go to Traffic School

One of the first traffic schools that is offered online is the Go To Traffic School.com course. Offering a variety of courses including fleet driver safety, safe driver points, ticket dismissal and insurance reduction, the program offers a little something for everyone. The school offers end of chapter quizzes as well as examinations.

Traffic Interactive

Next on the list is Traffic Interactive.Com. While this school is online, they have programs that are focused on specific areas. The program currently offers the only %100 interactive program in California, and also has programs for Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura County. There are also programs for Texas and Florida.


The next option for drivers is the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles. A great guide to accessing driving schools all around the nation, DMV.org begins by asking you to choose your destination. The DMV assists you in finding the perfect traffic program for you and in some states offering programs of their own.

Web Traffic School

Then there is the Web Traffic School. The Web Traffic School also wants you to be sure that their program is acceptable by your state, thus they make you pick in which you live. An example of a lesson is that on Alcohol and Driving. In addition to the lessons, Web Traffic School also offers interactive visual demonstrations to show what could happen depending on the choices you make out on the road.

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