Written By: Jane Fulton

by jane fulton

The other day I received an email in my inbox
titled “Apology”. I thought, apology? for what? I
opened it and began reading. It seems that a
fellow publisher had made a mistake! He publishes
more than one newsletter and had sent the wrong
newsletter to the wrong database. Oh my! He send
this email to apologize to all of his
subscribers, because he had made a
mistake and as a result, his subscribers asking to
unsubscribe. This was not the first email I
have read on this same subject.

It seems that just because we have a website on
the internet, publish one or more newsletters, we
are suppose to be perfect. “Not So!”

Let’s look at me, for example, I get up at 6:30AM,
Pacific time. By 7AM, I’m on the computer. I run
a website, publish three newsletters, and am
working on another website I hope to get on the
internet in the next few months. The first thing
I do is check my business email, then I go to my
other 3 email addresses and clear them out. I’m
usually through by 10AM. Now, it’s time to get to

Let’s break this down…….running a website:
1)You must keep it up to date. Remember, you
joined three new affiliate programs last night that
you have to get on the site, in case someone comes
along that’s looking for that particular product
or service.
2) You must check all links. Have to
make sure they are all working! I know that it’s
irritating to click on a link and it doesn’t work
or you get an error page. I’ve been there–done
that and got irritated myself. Now that I have a
site of my own, I have learned to be more
tolerant and take the time to email the site
owner and let them know. I have even had site
owners ask me to send them a free ad for their
publication because I took the time to let them
know about the problem. I have done that myself.
I know everyone must have noticed that I forgot
to put the question in the contest in the 2/15
issue. I had one person email me and bring it to
my attention. Guess what? You’re right! I told
her to send me her free ad. It is published in
this issue.
3) Maybe you have some other changes
that you noted to make on your site. Oh my
goodness, it’s lunchtime! I never had breakfast!
Oh well, I’ll eat lunch while working. It’ll save

Publishing three newsletters:
1) I must finish that article I started for
Newbie & Affiliate SOS Newsletter and
get the newsletter ready for publication.
It has to go out Thurs.
2) I have to work on SOS Classified. It goes
out Sun.
3) I have to work on janes marketplace. It goes
out Sat.
4) I have to work on Woman2Woman. It goes
out twice a month on Tues.

If I work a little on each one, each day, they
should be ready by the deadline. Maybe I can just
do a few things to the new website so that I can
get it ready to put on the net.

I don’t feel well today–no time to be sick. Too
many things to get done! Sure wish I could afford
to hire someone to help me. No, no money for
that. Wow! Where did the time go? It’s dinner
time already. Oh well, let’s order a pizza. It’s
time for me to answer the emails I’ve received in
my business inbox. I must find a few minutes to
maintain my database and reply to emails. Ok, got
that done, now need to do some research for the
newsletters, look at some other sites for various
reasons before it’s time to put my grandson to
bed. Whatever doesn’t get done today will be
waiting for me in the morning.

I am telling you all of this to say that we are
human too and have a million things on our mind.
I have only touched the surface here. I didn’t get
into our “household duties”. God forbid that
something goes wrong, like the hard drive crashing,
our listserver goes down, or any other problem
or emergency that will set us back even further!

We are not “Perfect”. The only “Perfect” person
that I know was crucified on the cross. So
whenever you see a mistake that we have made,
please try to be tolerant and understand that we
are human too! Email us and let us know that we
have made a mistake. You might be pleasantly
surprised at our response!

We publish newsletters for your enjoyment and
to expand your knowledge. We give of our self
on our websites and in our newsletters. Let’s
try and help each other and learn to be “Tolerant”
and “helpful”, rather than “critical”.

About the Author

Jane Fulton is owner and webmistress at:
http://janes-place.com Her site is dedicated to helping newbies. If you are new to the internet, please sign-up for Newbie & Affiliate SOS Newsletter and learn to use your computer like a pro! http://janes-place.com/sos.htm

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