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Written By: Parveen Panwar

Go4outsourcing.com is a revolutionary website offering businesses an online marketplace where they can offer their services as service providers or find service providers to outsource work to.

“Businesses always find it incredibly time consuming to find the right service provider to outsource to any work to, and it is also very hard for service providers, particularly ones who have just started out in business to find new clients,” says Parveen Panwar, Director of Globotech Solutions.

“With today’s launch of Go4outsourcing.com, businesses will find it so much easier to find service providers to outsource to and service providers will find it easier to find new clients in one convenient, online location.” All offshore outsourcing and offshore development can be done easy through the website. Freelancers can also find work and build reputation.

Businesses looking for service providers simply submit their free service requests on the Go4outsourcing.com website, and service providers then respond to those service requests by submitting their own proposal. The business looking to outsource then chooses the business offering the best proposal, an agreement is then signed between the two parties, and the work begins.

Service providers can issue invoices via the Go4outsourcing website with payments made through an EasyPay payment system. Once the service provider completes the project, the client business then posts feedback for the service providers.
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