Paint Shop Pro 9 Named PC Magazine’s ‘Best of the Year’

Written By: Julian Frnandez

Congratulations! Your really deserve the award. With your unique and innovative addition to Paint Shop Pro 9, it is indeed an award wining quality.

I am also a witness to the things Paint Shop Pro 9 can do. Different from the previews versions, PSP 9 offers a brand new twist to my printing experience. These are the addition of a number of new enhancement filters like Digital Camera Noise Removal, Chromatic Aberration Removal, Fill Flash, and Backlighting. These additions made my photo editing as well as my photo painting more fun and the result more professional.

PSP 9 also helps me to enhance existing photos. I also love the new Symmetric Shape tool. It helps me to design and add customizable polygon and star shapes, and new Text tool options gave me the freedom to produce vertical text and improve the rendering of smaller font sizes.

Another great and very useful addition with the PSP 9 is its amazingly impressive drawing capabilities. It adds completely new art-based painting functionality clearly inspired by the market leader, Corel Painter. Additional feature that version 8 does not have, is the new Art Media layers on which you can paint with a range of new natural media tools Oil, Chalk, Palette Knife, Pastel, Crayon, Colored Pencil, and Marker – each designed to closely mimic its real world counterpart. Using the Oil Brush tool, for example, as you drag onscreen the multi-bristled brush lays down multiple pigments that interact with both the underlying paint and canvas texture until the brush stroke realistically runs out of paint.

With that, I personally acclaim PSP 9 because from a simple shareware bitmap editor it evolved to become a professional photo editor.

Once again congratulations!

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