Parts of a Laptop: Batteries, Screen and CPU

Written By: Melissa Knab

Electronics and computers are very popular today
so it is no surprise that more and more people are
getting them. And as technology advances,
electronics are becoming smaller and smaller and
also portable. This is where we get laptops, or
notebook computers. Laptops use batteries to run
the computer so you can make it mobile. You can
take it anywhere you go. But there are other
components aside from just batteries that are
needed to make the laptop work. In case you dont
already know, we are going to go over the parts of
a laptop and what makes it work.

It seems obvious but your laptop is also going to
need a screen. The screen is the display that will
show what you are doing on the computer while you
are surfing the Net, using word processing or
more. In the early days of laptops, they had very
dim and hard to read screens but now they are
bright and even come in wide screen and more.
There are different options when it comes to your
displays. You can go with dual-scan or active

But you already know there is more to the laptop
than the display. The way the computer actually
runs is going to be very important to your usage.
You need a mobile CPU to make the computer
actually run. Mobile CPUs use less power and they
keep the machine fro overheating which is very
important with laptops.

Laptops usually come with modular, or swappable,
bays that allow you to remove the floppy drive,
DVD drive and even the hard drive. There are many
reasons why this is convenient for you. For
example, if you use different media for storing
data, you can easily switch back and forth between
media types.

The laptop is powered by an AC cord. This power
supply allows the laptop to plug into a wall and a
simple ordinary plug in. This makes it easy to
plug your laptop in almost anywhere you go. The
only downside is that many contain the power brick
that can get in the way if you are working in a
very small space. If this is a problem for you,
you can look into more compact devices that will
help you when you are working gin small space.

You know that the biggest reason why someone gets
a laptop is for the mobility. The greatest part of
the laptop is the ability to use the batteries and
travel anywhere with your computer. You can use
the AC cord just to plug it in when you need to
recharge the batteries. You can also get extra
batteries as backup if you will be away from a
power source for a while.

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