PDF Converter: Setting The Standard For Secure File Transfer

Written By: Will Mathison

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a widely used file format that preserves the graphics and images, fonts and layouts of any source document, regardless of its original application base or platform. With ten years in the making, PDF converters set the standard for secure and reliable electronic document exchange and distribution all over the world.

The Universal Format

Because of its universality and quick-access capabilities, many government and business enterprises have used PDF converters to restructure document management, increase productivity, and minimize reliance on hard copies. For instance, the US Food and Drug Administration use PDF converters for their electronic drug approval submissions. Likewise, several US federal courts also make use of PDF converters to electronically file their cases.

PDF converters are widespread since it allows much leverage in creating, viewing, and manipulating PDF documents. PDF converter files usually have the .PDF extension with the possible exception of files on Mac platform.

Reading PDF

Viewing PDF files is easy. All one really needs is an Acrobat Viewer which could be downloaded for free at the Adobe site, the first developers of PDF converters. Although it is true that PDF converters are the next best thing to a paperless office, you should remember that PDF files are not necessarily displayed in exactly the same way as they are printed. It is almost impossible to gauge visual outputs of PDF converters because of some minor bugs in the software, which even ten years in the business could not yet overcome.

Other Options

More and more applications include a function that allows you to export a PDF, thus, creating PDF converter files are relatively easy to accomplish and can be done in almost any application like the Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and illustration software like CorelDraw and FreeHand.

One of the advantages of PDF converters is its cross-platform standard, which also adds to its universality. PDF converter files can be created in a windows platform and can be opened and viewed in Mac or PC. Another is that PDF converter files are compact but can contain various multimedia and hypertext elements. Lastly, PDF converters support security for files can be password-protected, formatted into read-only documents, and can be locked to disable printing.

The Downside

But for every advantage that PDF converters have, there is an equivalent disadvantage. PDF converters use a proprietary file format as it is primarily a product of Adobe and as such, it is the company that defines its specifications and circulates them. PDF converters function chiefly as a visual terminal for documents and sometimes, logical aspects of a document might be overlooked. PDF converters can only perform minor changes on an existing file so it is virtually impossible to edit. The Internet also favors the HTML format to PDF converters since some search engine tools pass over PDF files without indexing them.

Even so, a lot of users still prefer PDF to other

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