PDF Editor: The Answer To PDF Editing Blues

Written By: Will Mathison

Okay, so you know how to create PDF files and now youre ready to review your work. Going through your file again, you found a few typos here and there. You also found that you placed the wrong picture at the wrong place. Whats more, the layout desperately needed a bit of tweaking. No problem. The PDF editor should do the trick.

PDF or Portable Document Format is the file format used by almost everybody. Its universal because its easy, fast, and reliable, especially when it comes to file sharing and overall document distribution. But one bane to this format is that its very difficult to edit a PDF file.

The PDF editor is the answer to everybodys editing blues. Where before, it is virtually impossible to edit PDF files, PDF editors make it easy for you to insert, extract, delete, rotate, merge, and re-order pages in single or multiple PDF files.

Just how great is a PDF editor? To answer that, lets go to the basic features of a typical PDF editor.

Going Beyond Simple Editing

A typical PDF editor has editing tools that are simply not present in a regular PDF reader. Unlike the Acrobat Reader, PDF editors go beyond simply viewing a PDF file. With PDF editors, you can view, navigate, and print files. PDF editors also have navigation options like thumbnails, pages, bookmarks, or hyperlinks to make it easier for you and the end-user of your document to roam through the pages.

By rotating, deleting, inserting, extracting, and reordering pages, PDF editors allow for much PDF file manipulation. PDF editors have the save feature also, a function absent in most PDF readers. The save feature in PDF editors allow you to save the changes you have made once youre done.

Change Is That Easy

Writing annotations, adding comments in text or RTF formats has never been as easy as it is using PDF editors. A PDF editor allows you to not only change the text or delete words completely, but also to edit font colors and styles to suit your needs.

Adding or deleting pictures and vector graphics in PDF files has always been a daunting task but with a PDF editor, you can do all that and more. PDF editors let you move and zoom text and pictures, edit text blocks, insert empty lines or change line breaks freely.

Where You Can Find Them

PDF editors are available anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars for single-license users and around forty dollars for multiple-license owners. Some PDF editors are also available for download for a minimal or no cost.

So, say goodbye to all your PDF editing blues then because the PDF editor is in the market to solve the issue for you.

About the Author: Will Mathison is a freelance writer who writes articles for http://www.pdfconverter.com

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