PDF To Text Converter: Making Your Documents Dynamic

Written By: Will Mathison

If youre new to the term PDF, then chances are, you dont or have only very little idea of what a PDF to text converter is. But before we explain the mechanics of this conversion software, let us first define a few terms.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a combination of text, images, graphics, and other multimedia elements. Because of its multimedia capabilities, it is the primary file format used by most people in file sharing, distribution, and circulation.

Text files, on the other hand, are just that text. They can only contain text elements and have very little room for images or graphics.

Based on the definitions given above, we can safely conclude that PDF and text are about as different as night and day. It must be virtually impossible to change the multimedia PDF to the more static text file. Not so with a PDF to text converter.

What is a PDF to text converter?

A PDF to text converter is a conversion utility used to convert PDF files into plain text files. PDF to text converters allow users to convert files without the aid of any PDF libraries. With PDF to text converters, you dont need to install Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat into your computer.

What do I need a PDF to text converter for?

PDF to text converter is an easy to use document conversion tool. Your compressed PDF files can be automatically converted into text documents without keying in any data. So instead of spending a lot of time manually typing in your document into a word processor from a PDF file, converting it could be just a click away with a PDF to text converter.

Why should I convert PDF to text?

To answer this question, lets go back to what PDF and txt file formats are. Though widely used and universally accepted, PDF can be very limiting for some users. For one, PDF is not quite as editable as a regular text format. Another is that, PDF is not search engine material compared to other text formats like HTML. The concept behind PDF to text converters revolves around these limiting aspects.

What are the key features of PDF to text converters?

Like most PDF converters, PDF to text converters have virtual printer functions. In addition, PDF to text converters support command line operation for manual use or inclusion to scripts.

PDF to text converters convert PDF files to text, converts text to PDF, and views text in PDF files. Most PDF to text converters have the batch processing feature, which allows users to convert files in bulk as well as individually.

With PDF to text converter, converting PDF files to text documents is made real easy for the inexperienced Internet user. Plus, PDF to text converters give users another option at converting existing PDF documents with less hassle and for less cost.

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