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Written By: Will Mathison

PDF, which is short for Portable Document Format, is the universal way of exchanging and distributing files. But because of certain minor limitations, many people opt to change files into formats other than PDF.

How easy is it to convert PDF files to DOC formats?

With PDF to word converters, its as easy as printing a PDF document. How so? Well, before we go on to that, lets first get down to the basics.

Why should we convert PDF files into Word documents?

One of the primary reasons why PDF is converted into word formats is that the latter allows for more editing jobs. PDF files are practically permanent and cannot be edited so therefore it is essential to convert them into word files first before starting with the editorial work.

Now, how important is a PDF to word converter to a regular user?

PDF to word converters save a lot of time and money as they allow an exact rendering of the original document with only a single mouse-click and without keying in any additional data.

PDF to word converters are essentially standalone products, that is, they dont need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word in order to run. So all you would really need in order to start the conversion process is the PDF to word converter and the PDF file to be converted. Its smooth-sailing after that.


One of the standard features available in almost all PDF to word converters is the command line interface that enables batch processing. This allows your PDF to word converters to change PDF files in bulk rather than doing it singularly. Another is that PDF to word converters comes equipped with match-making capabilities to find the closest PDF font counterpart in Microsoft Word.

Furthermore, PDF to word converters allow users to recover all image formats from vector, JPEG, to bitmap images. With PDF to word converters, vector graphics may even be converted into embedded vector objects that are editable. The original page layout of the PDF file can also be copied in a word document while at the same time retaining the fonts and the paragraphs with the use of PDF to word converters

PDF to word converters supports almost all windows servers which allow greater user accessibility. And finally, with PDF to word converters, converted files can be automatically loaded immediately after the conversion and allows page ranges from all pages to individual pages.

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