PDF Writers: A New Breed Of Writers

Written By: Will Mathison

Word or DOC files might be the commonest file formats in use right now but Portable Document Format or PDF is the format to use when it comes to distributing and sharing files over the Internet.

The reason for this is that PDF uses the compressed file format. It minimizes the risk of spreading macro viruses via email and significantly reduces download time. Hence, it is a reliable and sure-fire way of sending and receiving files.

Sure, you can still send .doc or text documents online but there is no guarantee these wont be mangled along the way, thus, what should have been nicely-done documents might look messy on your recipients screen instead.

PDF writers eliminate that possibility. PDF writers make it possible for you to send, receive, distribute, and just about circulate PDF files all over the Internet without the hassle of worrying how they might turn out.

What is a PDF Writer?

A PDF writer is a software tool used to create or generate PDF files. It is also just another term for PDF converter.

PDF writers are an indispensable tool in the electronic publishing media. With the ability to generate PDF files, PDF writers are crucial to forms, e-books, presentations, and reports.

Since PDF has become the standard format for all electronic file submission, a lot of businesses depend heavily on PDF writers. With the PDF writers easy-to-use interface, creating a PDF file has become an easy and simple task to do.

PDF writers are installed as a printer subsystem and all you have to do is click on Print from your application to create PDF files.

PDF Writer: Basic Features

1. PDF writers can create documents that cannot be edited like agreements, contracts, proposals, invoices, etc.

2. PDF writers are independent of any application and can convert documents from Windows, Mac, and other programs.

3. PDF writers can make electronic copies of any existing print outputs.

4. PDF writers can interpret HTML and save web pages in PDF format which can then be used offline.

5. PDF writers can convert postscript (.ps) files to PDF.

6. PDF writers can optimize PDF output settings for print, press, or web.

7. PDF writers can compress fonts and embed images into your PDF files.

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