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Pheedo started to help thousands of bloggers, micro-publishers and large media outlets which are in need of a flexible advertising solution. Its aim is to provide publishers and advertisers the tools needed capitalize on the business opportunities surrounding weblogs and syndicated content feeds. Pheedo creates tools that help individuals, organizations and corporations to promote, analyze, and optimize their weblogs and content feeds with simple, but still robust software and services. Pheedo provides solutions to the publishers and advertisers.

Solutions for Publishers

Solutions for Advertisers

<u>Solutions for Publishers</u>

Pheedo provides tools to publishers which help them in increasing the traffic and monetize their content. It focuses on RSS and weblog publishers, understands their business and develops tools according to their needs. This software has three parts Pheedo feed manager, Pheedo blog network and Blogsnob traffic exchange.

Pheedo Feed Manager

It helps web publishers of all sizes efficiently manage, serve and report on ads in RSS/Atom feeds. Create an instant revenue stream by inserting ads from partners or sell ads directly from the site. Its intelligent system specifically built to understand how each aggregator thinks. It serves the appropriate ad based on the unique characteristics of the feed reader.


1. This software provides different kinds of reports like revenue reports, real time campaign optimization reports, and campaign performance reports for advertisers and agencies and feed statistics like unique users, click through stats etc.

2. This tool delivers target advertisements to specific audience segments based on category and performance and delivers targeted ad by aggregator type.

3. This tool helps in smooth and continuous ad delivery through spikes in traffic or natural business growth.

4. It allows for creative adjustments to be made immediately and parameters can be defined by time, date and click-throughs.


1. No bandwidth costs incurred by feed traffic spikes reduce infrastructure costs and increases revenues.

2. This tool is easy-to-use, flexible and turnkey service to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

3. This tool has complete control over placement of ads in feed and advertisers.

4. No need to build costly infrastructure. Provide anytime, anywhere access through the Internet. Enterprise version is also available.

Pheedo Blog Network

This software provides the tools and control which helps in creating an instant revenue stream from your weblog by leveraging our advertising partners or selling ads directly from your blog. Its focus is on helping weblog publishers monetize their content. Its cost-per-click solution and category targeting helps in tapping into new revenue streams.


1. This software is flexible and matches the look and feel of the ads with the website.

2. This software provides real-time tracking and reporting which helps in knowing exactly the revenue generated from your content.

3. It provides ad management means controls which advertisers appear on your blog or feed.


1. Monetize the content- Weblog publishers now have robust software and advertising partner that can help leverage their quality audience and content.

2. Maximize the revenue- To improve the performance and increase your revenue, the ads are targeted by category. This is a more efficient method of buying ad inventory compared to purchasing keywords

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