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Written By: Jelaine Macaraeg

The fairy tale of the shoemaker and the elves tells us the story of a poor shoemaker and his wife, who didnt have enough money to buy materials for their shoes. That was until the elves came into their lives and helped them make the fanciest and most comfortable shoes the town has ever known, making their shoe store the most popular in town. Thanks to the kind elves, the shoemaker and his wife as expected lived happily ever after.

Now you too can get famous among your family and peers no, not with shoemaking but with the creative projects youll be producing with your handy-dandy digital camera and your every own elf. No, not the magical kind but the digital variety PhotoELF!

PhotoELF claims to be the only software package youll ever need for viewing, editing, printing and organizing your digital photos truly The Digital Camera Companion. Not only does it provide a photo editing suite, but its also versatile in terms of file support and even provides many time-saving capabilities.
While viewing your photo, simply click on the Editor button from the toolbar. From here, you may adjust the images contrast, brightness, gamma, saturation, hue and sharpness. You may also despeckle scanned images, crop, rotate, remove red-eye, add text and shapes, even create holiday cards, posters and calendars, add some fun effects, do JPG compression and save photo in 60 different formats such as BMP, EMF, FPX, ICO, IFF, JPG, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF and WMF just to name a few. Now, thats what I call versatility!
PhotoELFs efficiency lies on its batch operation capabilities. You can rotate, rename, resize, convert photo file formats, do JPG compression, set dpi, adjust brightness and contrast, manipulate color saturation and hue, print, crop, toggle between read-only and read/write and apply watermarks, texts and logos not only to a single photo but to an entire batch.

Feeling the itch to be more creative? Let it all out! Create albums using the HTML Photo Album Wizard, which comes with various slideshow options. You may even add music in MP3 and WAV file formats to your photo albums. Share your creations to family and friends by burning them onto CDs. You may also publish them to the World Wide Web for all the world to see. These albums can be viewed with any Web browser whether your on or offline.
Read enough? If you want to try PhotoELF now, theyre offering a two-week trial, afterwhich you may purchase it for $24.95 at www.photoelf.com.

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I like to read anything that contains words in the old English form, though I cant understand it. You know, the King James Version of the Bible with words like thou, thy, thine, wilst, etc.I also like gothic metal, a music genre, because most of the lyrics contain such words. It is not only the words that fascinate me; its the hidden meaning it contains.

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