“Pop-up Windows! Do You Really NEED Them?”

Written By: John Evans

“Pop-up Windows! Do You Really NEED Them?”
copyright2001-02 John Evans

I don’t know about you, but those things really annoy me.

You know the kind; you click on someone’s web address
link, and while you’re waiting for the page to load, a
small window pops up. They are, of course, put there to
advertise something. And like as not, that ‘something’
may not even be related to what you came to look at in
the first place. Annoying? You bet.

Are you using them? And are you losing customers because
of them? You just might be!

They actually weren’t too bad, before, but lately they
seem to be getting much worse. Used to be that you might
get just the one when you first clicked on the web address
link. Now, you not only get that one, but maybe another
one (the same ad) when you click on a link within that
web page. And then, another one when you click out of
the site. Where will it end?

More and more often, I have opened a web site, and
IMMEDIATELY got one of those pop-ups. Not too bad.
But when the second one shows up, I hastily depart
that site. You may have done the same.

Have you ever gone into a department store, or furniture
store and had a sales person immediately ask, “Can I help
you?” You take ten steps, and get asked the same thing
by yet another sales person. And maybe another. Sure does
get irritating, doesn’t it?

It’s the very same with those pop-ups. You just barely
get in the door, and a sales person ‘jumps on you’. Not
my cup of tea, and I’ll bet many of you feel the same!!

Is that really “salesmanship”? I don’t think so, because
you just might be chasing away potential customers by
‘jumping on them’ as soon as they get to your web site.

The saving grace of pop-ups just might be the “pop-unders.”
These aren’t so bad because they don’t really interfere
with the web page you were reading. And, you were
already on the way out.

Think about it.
copyright2000-01 BJ Evans
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