Printing a Panorama at Home

Written By: Granny’s Mettle

When you choose to print your photo panorama-style yourself, here are a few suggestions to help you:

You can use paper larger than your printer specs

The size of the paper depends on the size of the slot in the printer. For most home printers, this slot is limited to either the letter size width or slightly larger. Nevertheless, you have to take note that the letter size length is not limited though.

What one woman did was to buy a paper large than the standard size specified by her printer, then cut the paper so that the shorter part of the paper may be able to go through the slot of her printer, while keeping the longer edge full length.

There are also unusual paper sizes available in the market. And then just cut whatever size of paper you like. However, you have to check first that you can configure your printer settings to a custom paper size, as well as check that you can load the paper into the printer.

You can choose the software

Adobe Photoshop and JASC PaintShop Pro are software that allows you to increase the physical size of the image without touching the resolution of the master image. There are many more programs available that lets you resize and customize paper sizes.

You can choose the paper type

The best results are made when you use the paper available for your printer. Developers of printers design both the paper and printer to work with each other. So when printing at home, remember to use the paper made for your printer. For photo paper, choose according to paper opacity, the ISO brightness (the level of whiteness when the paper is pure white before printing), and a reputable name.

You can use third party papers, but when you dont know what will work best with your printer, it is still better to go for your printers brand.

You can print in sections

When paper fails, you can do the printing in the most conventional way- print in sections. This process can be time consuming and would need a little patience and perseverance. It is also often hard to align the print sections and hide the parts where they are joined. Problems also arise when cutting the image into sections before printing.

But take heart, there are also programs available to help you. Panoramic image printing software like cPicture and PanoPrinter. The former allows you to automatically cut the picture in sections, the sizes of which you can print using cPicture or with another image tool.

The latter, on the other hand, does adjustments, and most importantly, it allows you to print the image across multiple pages. It even provides crop marks, page numbers, among others, to help you cut and join together the sections to create the whole image.

When all else fails, I believe that its just time for you to give up and avail of the services of large format digital printing providers nearest you.

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