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Written By: Subrata Goswami

ProE is a software used to design products with help of computers. CAD (Computer Aided Designing) designers often use ProE to design many of their products. Technically speaking, ProE is a feature based , parametric solid modeler. By modeling in solids, ProE enables users to create virtual prototypes complete with dimensions, parameters, surface area, and mass properties.

In the past, ProE was used primarily by mechanical engineering departments within the automotive and aerospace industries. Since then, different modules for the basic ProE package have been developed. Currently, ProE serves more industries ranging from electrical engineering of cabling systems to hydraulics and piping to sheetmetal finite element analysis and beyond. With its many great advancements, Pro E is no longer just for mechanical engineering.

ProE services means designing machines using ProE. There are many companies providing ProE services nowadays which you can also avail for service. These companies cater to many clients worldwide. They are experts in the use of the ProE tool set and can provide you with the knowledge boost required to get the products to market – fast. They offer a variety of Pro/E related services ranging from simple functions such as drafting and modelling to more complex tasks such as surfacing, and design automation. And if you have recently purchased ProE, they can also help convert old CAD data for use in future designs using ProE. They can help you customise your ProE environment and automate common design tasks specific to your company. Moreover, they can also provide you with customised training classes that specifically relate to your type of products. An exhaustive list of services, but at a price, of course!!

ProE & Design Services are:

  • Detailing, Drawing Revisions, & Drawing Format Creation
  • Part Design & Modelling (All types including plastic & castings)
  • Sheet Metal Design & Modelling
  • Cabling Design & Modelling
  • Assembly Design & Modelling
  • Surfacing
  • Analysis (Mechanical, Mechanism, & Thermal)
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Automated Equipment & Machine Design
  • Fixture & Jig Design
  • Photo Rendering

All in all, we can safely say that ProE is a vital and easy-to-use tool for machine design that has revolutionised computer aided designing

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