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Written By: Roy Barker

Let me start by saying this site gives its affiliates 50% of the sale. All you need to do is click on the highlighted area in the bio below (at the bottom of the page) and this will take you to my affiliate sign-up through clickbank, which is one of the most respected transaction service facilities on the net. The process takes approximately three minutes and is basic. Just follow the instructions. Affiliate revenue is at its best when the link is placed in a high traffic position on your site.

Your conversion rate is best (for this product) when your site has a photography theme, as you probably already know. There is no charge for being an affiliate and linking is FREE.

If you do own sites related to photography, this is the perfect campaign link for you as an affiliate. How much will you make as an affiliate? Obviously, it depends on how many you sell. Go to the site and check the numbers – you’ll be impressed.

The eBook costs US$37.83. After clickbank extracts their fees for credit card handling, we are left with approximately US$33.00. You (the affiliate) receive 50% of this, which comes to US$16.00. It’s automatic and immediate. Clickbank send you a check/cheque every fortnight so you are not relying on me. Site conversion is what counts in the affiliate business and of course, locating the image or the text link (depending on which one you choose) on a prominent location on your site is extremely important to conversion outcomes for all affiliates. What good is a site that charges $100.00 but doesn’t convert well? In addition, what is 75% of nothing? Our price has been tested and the book converts well already! Over 60% of our business is through affiliates. If you intend using ‘ppc’ (pay per click) engines some good keywords, which have converted well, are; photography, digital photography, photography business etc. However, much is dependant on how good an advertisement you write and you should spend some time looking at other ads. on Google and Overture to ensure you compose an advertisement that will convert well.

However, the smart & experienced webmasters create a newsletter or article and distribute them to their subscribers or article sites with links such as mine imbedded in keywords. Such as an article which mentions making a ‘profit’ from photography, ‘income from your photo business’ etc.The conversion rate in this activity is far superior to a link on your site in most cases. This is a must if you’re serious about conversion and return on investment. I have even supplied you with an article for your newsletter. If you use the article,you may change the links to you click bank id. Just cut & paste to your newsletter and place links on the two highlighted words with your affiliate code from clickbank. 3 good reasons why you should promote us as an affiliate Our refund rate is now below 1.7%. We use only clickbank, which means you get 100% of your sales You earnings are 50% of the sale

OK 4 good reasons….

Our refund rate indicates that our customers are happy with the quality and information of the e-book, which in turn means, you can feel good about the money you earn as an affiliate! See this review…..

Alright then…5 good reasons………..!

There’s a free ‘giveaway’ for your site. You can use it is as a bonus to help increase ‘value for money’ with your customer’s purchase or simply in your newsletter or e-zine. The only condition is that all text and links must remain unchanged. There has been great emphasis on ensuring quality content is mixed with the resource and affiliate links. Any changes must be by permission in writing from me – Roy Barker.

You will then be given easy to follow instructions on how to link. It takes about 3 minutes to become an affiliate.

You would be wise to copy the Graphic eBook for your Affiliate Link Recent statistics clearly indicate that using a text review and a graphic together help immensely in converting sales. Feel free to save the ebook graphic for placing strategically on your high traffic page. Don’t forget to write a good text review though, because it’s important that they go together.
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Site Owner & Publisher Roy Barker If you’re looking for extra income from a quality product and low refund rate you can see more detail at www.profitable-photography.com/affiliate.php

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