Progress to Success

Written By: Nicholas Dixon

It was supposed to happen in thirty days. Buy the ebook with the
holy grail to online success and then watch life unfold. But that
was several months ago.

You sit and wonder what are you doing wrong. You have been over
the same steps again and again but still nothing changes. You are
considering giving up thinking that you are not cut out for this.

No wonder why 95 % of online marketers fail. Most are ready for
some quick cash instead of digging in for the long haul. It is a
human weakness which will always be exploited.

I have been there. Several years ago. But I am still here hanging
around. What made me decide to stick around ? The quest to know
the truth about Internet marketing.

The learning curve in online marketing can be steep indeed. But
it is worth every day spent separating the myths from reality.
Once you find out what really works, there is no stopping you.

The most important lesson you can learn is to be able to stick
around. That’s what those succeeding are doing. Stickiness. It
can make you and your enterprises successful.

Persistence. That’s the word. Learn all the marketing techniques
there is, but don’t leave out this mental attribute. Many have
ride on it’s wave to success, so can you.

Just remember that overnight success is usually years or months in the
making. Not one day.

To your success and mine……. ,


Copyright Nicholas Dixon

About the Author

Nicholas Dixon is the publisher and editor of The Roc newsletter .Visit http://WWW.Geocities.com/Oceanroc and subscribe to receive helpful resources and articles.

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