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Written By: Cole Branel

Overseas Property Investments are becoming more attractive. As UK property prices continue to increase the opportunities available to working class men and women continue to dwindle.

The cost of maintaining a single household can be limiting enough, so how can we can go about starting or increasing a property portfolio?

The answer is simple, look outside of the UK. Emerging Eastern and Central European property is available at a price many can afford. The overseas property boom started with Spain and then North to France, but now this boom is spreading East to countries such as the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland.

For example, apartment prices in Bratislava can start from as little as 43,000 (including VAT) with a rental yield estimated to be over 8% p/a. This Slovakian property investment is ideally located and only five minutes away from the centre of Bratislava.

Major corporate relocation is already taking place with Bratislava attracting companies such as Dell, IBM, Volkswagen and KIA.

These specific properties are expected to return a rental yield of over 9%.

Slovakia has the fastest growing economy in Europe and as industry and businesses exploit the countries low wages and educated work force, wages and living standards are set to continue rising. Industry in the EU is already moving East and Slovakia has been the main beneficiary of this, having just become the largest producer of cars per capita in the world.

On top of this, due to the low taxation rates of just 19% across the board, workers are increasingly living in Bratislava and working in Vienna therefore enjoying first world wages and second world living costs. All of these factors will have hugely beneficial effects to property related investments within the Slovakian Republic and most of all Bratislava.

Mortgages are available from major European banks offering draw down mortgage products to enable investors to purchase property with only a 30% equity layout.

In general, there is no stamp duty in Slovakia and Capital Gains Tax is charged at 19%. It is not necessary as a foreign national to set up a company to purchase property within Slovakia. Slovakia is part of the European Union and their property ownership laws have converged with the rest of the EU and are therefore highly transparent.
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Cole Branel is a freelance writer who has undertaken work for the likes of Fresh Egg and Letterstone, Overseas Property Investment.

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