Search Engine Optimization – Create Effective Keywords And Be The Champion

Written By: Endar WS

So many web masters say that if you want your web site to be seen on the top of free search engines then optimize it prior to submission to search engines. Actually, the statement is not absolutely true. Getting listed on the top of free search engines is now become more and more difficult.

Optimizing web page with keywords is just one of the first steps to get higher rank on search engines. So, what is the problem? The problem is, there are too much big-competitors using the same keywords with your keywords site. Using the same keywords that is also being used by thousands of competitors will cause it too competitive and it does very difficult to get good positioning on search engines. I would rather use the keywords with 2 hundreds of competitors without eliminating it’s effectiveness than using the keywords with thousands of competitors. It will much decrease competitors and I have much bigger possibility to get listed on the top of free search engines.

The question is to determine it? OK, here’s the secret:

1) List the keywords you that want it as keywords on your site. Use keywords that describes your business only. Use 2 or 3 phrases of keywords. Why?

# Using a single word of keywords affects too competitive and less generate targeted and potential visitors. In contrast, using phrases keywords will generate much targeted visitors and also decrease the number of competitors.

# The statistical show, most netters type 2or 3 phrases than single word of keywords.

2) Find out related keywords and determine the popularity of each keywords. Simply, visit wordtracker.com for free trial. Wordtracker is an online keywords generator. You might want to try good-keyword too. Good-keyword is a software that is utilized to get information of how many web pages that use certain keyword. You can download it for free from goodkeyword.

3) Find out the number of competitors. What I mean with competitors is sites that also use the same keywords with yours. Go to search engine like google or altavista, and then type keywords you want to use. The number of competitors will appear as a part of their search results.

4) Determine Keywords Effectiveness. Simply, divide keyword’s popularity with number of competitors. Then, short the list. The higher, the better. Use these in meta keyword tag, start from the biggest keywords effectiveness value to the smallest value.

5) Take the top 2 to be optimized on your site. I recommend you to optimize only the top 2 because using more than 2 keywords to be optimized on your web page will make your site bias from it’s main theme.

6) Please not that when optimizing your web site, avoid too much repeating keywords in your page that makes impressions on dissonant and repeating. Determine keyword density for your site. This keyword density may not exceed than 5%, otherwise, search engines may assume it as spam and your url won’t be indexed.

About the Author: Endar is a SEO copy-writer. Visit his site for the more info about effective search engine optimization to make your site listed on the top of free search engine. http://www.2search-engine-optimization.info

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