“Secret Key To The Internet!”

Written By: A. T. Rendon

The dot.com graveyard is littered with the remains of 100′s
of 1000′s of online business ventures that simply went bust.

Some of those businesses were mom and pop outfits while
others had multi-millions of venture capital dollars to make
them strong yet they all failed miserably for one simple reason:
they did not understand the “Secret Key To The Internet”!

Perhaps it is because the “Secret Key” is so simple that it
manages to elude our scrutiny and understanding.

No, it is not about numbers as many would venture to guess.

“More than half of the nation is now online. In September 2001,
143 million Americans (about 54 percent of the population) were
using the Internet – an increase of 26 million in thirteen months…”

That startling fact, which I have quoted above, is revealed in a truly
important report, recently released by the Department of Commerce
entitled, “A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use
of the Internet.”

This report contains an invaluable WEALTH of information
regarding the numbers of American households connected
to the Internet, details how, where and why people surf the
Internet, provides demographic details on income, employment
status, age groups, gender, levels of education, urban or
rural locations, race and a great deal more.

The report is available in both Adobe PDF format and
also Word 2000, I download the word report, which is
a whopping 4263K in size. But it is worth its weight
in gold for all the information that it makes available;
info, which you may well find essential in planning
and executing your own business plan online.

In the “Conclusion” section of the report, they state
that, “Approximately two million more people become
Internet users every month!”

For those of us doing and wishing to do business online
it is filled with nothing but encouraging good news.

You may access details for receiving a FREE copy of
the report, via auto-responder, at:

So, it is not about the number of people online.

The “Secret Key To The Internet” is about communication.

Personally, I have been expounding this idea since I first
came online in March of 1994. I was blessed with the realization
that the Internet was all about the ability of anyone to be able to
communicate on a global scale.

This is an awesome ability. You, as an individual and for the
first time in history, are able to reach across time, space and
national borders and touch people in every corner of our world.

This fact is proven by the results of the report quoted above.
Their research found that 84% of ALL people accessing
the Internet do so to “communicate” via email.

For those of us wishing to do business online it makes poignant
the fact that you must use email as the foundation of your
marketing and promotional campaigns. Otherwise, you are
missing the point. And, you must do so without resorting to SPAM.

Of course, that is not to say that web pages are not important too.

The study found that over 67% of ALL people accessing the
Internet, do so in search of information. This points out that
your product and or service information should be posted
online on your web page.

The way to successfully capitalize on the “Secret Key To The
Internet”, is to combine that ability to communicate and to
deliver the information that people seek in a customized
package that is unique to your own particular situation.

Obviously, it is not as easy as it might sound. Otherwise,
everyone wishing to do business online would be a net
millionaire and all of those dot.com failures would never
have occurred.

But those people simply did not get it. You, at least, now
know where it is that you need to start.

About the Author

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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