“Shortcuts To Control Terroristic Email!”

Written By: A.T.Rendon

Everyone agrees that SPAM is a growing problem
on the Internet. And with estimates that we will
soon have over 1 billion people worldwide surfing
the net, this problem will only continue to grow worse.

The worst part of this situation is that spammers
are very clever people and they are using all of
their knowledge to get their message onto our
desktops whether we want it or not.

For example, this week hidden among all of my
usual get-rich quick schemes and penis enlargement
information was an email from a porn site that
literally took control of my desktop.

As soon as the email message was highlighted in
my Outlook Express window, it launched a web page
that took up the entire screen of my computer.

There it was on my 21″ monitor, for the whole world
to see it if they were looking over my shoulder, a
lusty, busty women crouched on her knees with
her arms pressing together her breasts to overly
exaggerate the obvious and her legs spread so far
apart you could see her most intimate body parts
in all of their powder pink glory.

I am a man with a healthy love for women but I
do not appreciate having this sort of thing forced
on me because someone wants me to give them
my money in exchange for pornographic pictures.

As far as I am concerned, these are “Terroristic Tactics”.

My computer and I were held hostage by the use of
HTML source code that includes script language
that launches a window to view their web page.

Worse still, the window is one that takes up the entire
computer screen and does not have the usual buttons
on the upper right hand corner to minimize or close
the window.

And, it might even include the command to keep
popping open even more windows on your desktop
at set intervals that can literally freeze up your computer!

What can you do to fight back?

Whether this problem occurs via reading your email
or if you are trapped into it while visiting a web site,
there are a few things you can do short of ripping the
power cord out of the wall.

First of all, the Federal Trade Commission, FTC,
http://www.ftc.gov/, takes a very dim view of anyone
that tries to force you to view any material you do
not wish to view, be it advertising or pornography.

In a recent action by the Federal Trade Commission, they
“asked a U.S. District Court Judge to halt a Internet scam
that clones everyday Web sites and uses the copycat sites
to barrage unsuspecting consumers with pornography.
According to the agency, the scammers copy existing Web
sites and insert coded instructions in the copycat sites
which automatically redirects unwitting consumers to
adult sites operated by the defendants. Then the scammers
disable the browser’s “back” and “exit” commands so that
Internet surfers trying desperately to escape the pornographic
images face screen after screen of similar material and
advertisements for other adult sites.”

“These operators high-jacked Web sites, ‘kidnapped’ consumers
and held them captive,” said Jodie Bernstein, Director of the
FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “They exposed surfers,
including children, to the seamiest sort of material and
incapacitated their computers so they couldn’t escape.
They copied as many as 25 million Web pages from sites
as diverse as the Harvard Law Review and the Japanese
Friendship Garden. When consumers used search engines
to find subjects as innocent as ‘kids on the net,’ ‘news
about Kosovo,’ or ‘wedding services,’ they risked being
exposed to a torrent of tawdry images. This scam is
outrageous and we want it off the Internet. We’re confident
the court will help us arrange that.”

The Federal Trade Commission is a powerful regulatory agency
and they will accept complaints from consumers on both SPAM
and also a Web Page or Web Sites that are using deceptive or
terroristic tactics.

You may forward unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) to the
Commission, by sending it directly to them at:

I would suggest you not bother them with ordinary run of the
mill SPAM but rather limit your complaints to email like the one
I described above that literally takes control of your computer.

You may also file a complaint with the Commission online by
visiting their web site at: http://www.ftc.gov/

Scroll to the bottom of their web site where you will see the
link to “File A Complaint Online”.

On a more immediate basis, it is important to know at least a
few of the handy Windows “Shortcut” commands that
will allow you to regain control of your computer without
the need to shut it down all together.

For a more extensive list of Window’s Shortcuts delivered
to you FREE via Auto-Responder, send a blank email to:

Perhaps one of the best commands to know by heart is:
ALT + F4 = Quitting the open program

That command comes in very handy when you have a
window open that takes up your entire screen area and
does not show the customary Minimize/Restore/Close
boxes that are found in the upper right hand corner of all
Window’s programs.

Another good one to keep in mind is:
ALT + SPACE = Display of the System Menu that allows
you to Restore-Move-Resize-Minimize-Maximize or Close
a window.

And as a last resort, if nothing else seems to be working,
you can always try:
CTRL + ESC = Opens the Start Menu from which you can
properly shut down your computer.

Until the powers that be take direct action to stop SPAM
at every possible opportunity, we will all have to put
up with the nuisance of deleting junk email from our
inbox. But at least we do not have to tolerate the invasion
of our computer with code meant to make us a hostage
on our own desktop and in our own homes.

About the Author

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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