Sketch On Note Paper

Written By: Mike Lewis

1. Open up any image

2. Then duplicate your background layer by pressing CTRL + J.

3. Go to Filter > Sketch > Note Paper and copy the settings below.

4. Then press CTRL + E to merge the 2 layers (Layer > Merge Down).

5. Right click on your background layer and duplicate it, or press CTRL + J.

6. Go to Filter > Sketch > Graphic Pen.

7. Copy the settings, Stroke Length = 15 Light / Dark Balance = 50

8. Then change the layer style to Multiply.

9. Then press CTRL + E, once again this merges layer.

10. Then duplicate the background layer, and go to Filter > Sketch> Conte Crayon and keep the default settings.

11. Then set the layer style Multiply and change the opacity to 37%.

12. Press CTRL + E again.

Your done.

About the Author: Mike writes Webdesign tutorials about photoshop. He currently owns SimplyGfx and he is currently running a growing directory, you can view this at http://directory.mega-information.com

Source: www.isnare.com

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