“Sometimes Having It Shorter Is Better!”

Written By: A.T.Rendon

Sometimes having it shorter is better.

At least that is true when it comes
to your web site address.

Have you ever joined one of the many affiliate
programs that creates a web site address,
URL, for you to promote them that is longer
than even the best stretch limousine in town?

Even though all you have to do is click on it
to get to where you want to be, when a URL
looks like it is two blocks long, it takes away
from the message of your ad copy.

Worse still, many surfers take it upon themselves
to visit the web site you are promoting but ONLY
after they remove your affiliate information.

This defeats the whole purpose of your promoting
an affiliate web site. It can cost you time and money.

So what is the solution?

A URL Redirection Service.

Better still, is the use of a FREE URL Redirection Service.
Here are just a few of the better FREE services online:

Free Redirect URL Service

Their service gives you a FREE, easy to remember
redirect-URL for your web site, and redirects the
user to your existing home page or URL.

Other features of their FREE service:

* You get a live-long redirect-URL for free.

* A counter is included in your account

* Lost password emailed to you

* Full Meta Tags Support

* You can ban people from entering your site
by banning their IP address

* The status line of the Browser only shows
your redirect-URL (or not)

* You can have sub-domains of your own sub-domain.

They also offer FREE Web based email service.

V3 – Free Redirect URL Service

Get a Short URL, like: come.to/John, go.to/John;
and a permanent email address like:
john@come.to, john@go.to

CJB.Net – Free Redirect URL Service

CJB.NET provides free URL redirection services
which allow you to redirect an easy-to-remember
yourname.cjb.net address to your web site, no
matter where it’s hosted.

For a more complete FREE list of FREE URL
Redirection Services, send a blank email to:

The above FREE list will provide you with about a
dozen of the best online FREE URL Redirect Services.

Most will also offer you FREE email, too.

Sign up is generally very easy and you will immediately
be given a new URL to replace your two block long

Your URL will go from looking like:
to something much more manageable like:

The shorter URL will make better looking ad copy, will not
get cropped by FFA Submission sites, and will provide you
with a far greater response rate to your affiliate promotions.

When it comes to a URL, shorter is better.

About the Author

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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