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Written By: Dakota Caudilla

The Internet is an absolute goldmine of information, but knowing where to start and how to judge the accuracy of the information you access is a skill that can be learnt in no time.

A golden rule of Internet research is to always begin at the beginning and that usually means tracking down the most official site related to the information you need. In the case of immigration, the most official site is a government one. Government information on immigration is the first stop and only then should you start searching for other sites on immigration set up, for example, by community information centers or by people who have been through immigration before you and can now pass on their valuable advice.

Starting with the US Government’s FirstGov.gov website you can search for all sorts of information related to your immigration inquiries.

Following that, Uscis.gov is the US Citizenship and Immigration services website and has a comprehensive list of all accredited community-based organizations that can provide assistance to would-be immigrants. You can also learn everything you need to know about citizenship preparation services, you can browse and download citizenship materials and tests.

The Bcis.gov website belongs to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. You can download immigration and naturalization forms and be informed about the process of immigration and citizenship.

Also, the American immigration center’s US-immigraiton.com website is packed with various Do-It-Yourself kits, which you can download. These DIY kits can help you prepare for you immigration exam and your immigration interview. The website offers practical advice on what you should do to get ready for your immigration application.

And finally, there’s the Immigration Portal at www.ilw.com, which has newsletters and access to immigration information and lawyers.

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